Rules & Policies

Kidergy is an unsupervised play centre. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children at all times. We do not assume responsibility for any children. Kidergy cannot be held responsible for accidents, which occur as a result of children and/or adults playing with/or on equipment or in the facility.

Socks must be worn by adults, children and babies. No shoes, slippers or bare feet. Socks can be purchased at the front counter.

We recommend no more than 5 children per adult/caregiver.

No strollers are allowed in the play areas.

We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

No food is permitted outside the Café

If your children are sick or are showing symptoms of illness, please do not bring them into our facility in order to prevent illness outbreaks.

Any unruly behavior, bullying or disrespect for others’ playtime will NOT be tolerated. The offending person(s) will be asked to leave if correction is not taken by their guardian. Appropriate behavior and language is expected by everyone at all times.

If an accident of any sort happens at any time, please notify staff as soon as possible.

All parties require a $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.

Parties are to be celebrated in the designated party room during booked party times.

Children 8 plus should be booked into an Exclusive Party for safety.

Limited number of Adults unless it is an Exclusive Party.

Kidergy: Rules and policies to remember 

Kidergy is a great indoor playground for kids. For us to continuously become a safe space for children and adults, we create rules and policies. This is done to ensure that everyone can find leisure without any disorder happening around. 

Although Kidergy is a place where your children’s joy is all that matters, it is still important to take note of the rules for a safe and fun environment. This can help avoid any accidents or problems to occur. 

In connection, we have created a set of guidelines that you should keep in mind so that you can all have a great time. Read about this in detail by checking the information below. 

Dos and Don’ts  

Since Kidergy is an unsupervised play centre, we set a few guidelines to assure that everyone can have a fun and safe experience in our indoor playgrounds and facilities. These are the following dos and don’ts: 

  • Do’s 
    • You should wear the prescribed socks of Kidergy which are KIDRsocks. This applies to all adults, children and babies. 
    • Do make sure to monitor your belongings properly. 
    • Look after your child from a safe distance. 
    • Do be responsible for the actions of your child and their safety. 
  • Don’ts 
    • Do not wear shoes or slippers inside the playing area. 
    • Do not walk on bare feet. 
    • You can not bring your strollers inside the playing area. 
    • No outside food is permitted in the playing area and cafe. 
    • Don’t get too preoccupied with conversing with other adults because you might not notice that your child has left from your line of sight. 

Kidergy party policies

Apart from our indoor playing area and cafe, Kidergy also hosts parties and events. These are the following policies that we abide in: 

  • If you are planning to reserve a party package, there is a non-refundable deposit of $50. 
  • Parties are celebrated in designated party rooms during their booked schedules which are to be listed ahead of time. 
  • For children who are ages eight and above, they should be booked in an exclusive party for their safety. 
  • There is only a limited number of adults that can be permitted to go inside unless it is an exclusive party. 


After getting to learn our most important rules, we’ve listed several recommendations that you can keep in mind. These are additional policies: 

  • If possible, there should be no more than five children that are assigned to one adult or caregiver. This is so that you can avoid the dilemma of having to choose who to monitor since the children may tend to run around in different parts of the area individually. 
  • In cases that your child may not be feeling well or have any symptoms of an ailment, you should skip playing for the day. This is to lessen the chances of an outbreak and that your kid can have time to get better as well. 
  • You can purchase the KIDSRsocks at the front counter of Kidergy. 
  • You can allow your kid to interact with others and play with them so they can improve on their social skills. 
  • Let your kids wear comfortable clothes so they can move freely. 
  • Bring an extra set of clothes for your children in cases that they might get wet or sweat profusely. 
  • You can stay close to your child and play with them if they don’t want to be with other kids. 


Here is a list of precautions that Kidergy wants you to take note of. This was made for you to stay alert about so that your kids are out of harm’s way while still have an exciting play day. 

  • We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. 
  • Any sign of bullying, unruly behaviour or disrespect to others are not tolerated. 
  • For instances that any accidents may occur, notify the staff members immediately to assist you. 
  • There may be a lot of other kids or parents that crowd in a place so always look after your children and your things. 
  • Take heed of any possible hazards that are not good for your children. An example would be if they are trying to reach any equipment with a tall height then they should ask an adult to help them. 

Why you should follow rules

Many deem rules as stifling but these aren’t made to constrict you. Instead, it’s there to guide you and to promote order in the place. It also has a lot of advantages that show why the enforcement of different policies can help create a better community such as:

  • It ensures your safety. 

Here in Kidergy, we put our customers’ security first. We want you and your children to have a good experience without compromising anyone’s welfare. Moreover, the establishment of rules put everyone on fairgrounds and that no one is above others especially in a public space. 

  • Rules foster trust. 

We trust that with the supervision of adults, everyone can follow the rules provided so that no one gets to be bothered by any mishaps. Since the kids came to have fun, we would want their well-being to be prioritized. As parents, you are responsible for them and with a great parenting style, you can instil discipline in them too. 

  • It regulates people’s actions.

While we may be free beings, it is still important that we are accountable for our actions. With rules, it can help your children see the significance of knowing how to follow them at a young age. You must set a good example because, for them, every experience in their life is a learning experience. 

  • Trains us to become better and more responsible citizens. 

Rules are not only in our indoor playground but in different settings too such as schools, workplaces, and more. These are all for the greater good and to avoid any chaos from ensuing in the area. The more we learn how to follow the rules, we are trained to become more responsible for our actions. 

Rules that you can teach your children

As young as now, your children should be taught how to properly follow rules. This is not only applicable when they are in school but also other public places like the indoor playground of Kidergy. You can use these rules as the basis for what you can tell your kids when they encounter other people. 

  • They should be kind to each other. 
  • They have to learn how to share toys with other kids.
  • They should know how to take turns when using different equipment such as the slide. 
  • Play nicely with other children without inciting any fights. 
  • To be careful when handling toys and equipment in the playing area. 
  • They should not talk to other adults with whom they are not accustomed. 
  • They should be polite to everyone, both to kids their age and the adults.
  • To not be afraid to interact with new people. 
  • Kids should explore the many puzzles, games and activities of Kidergy so they can have a fun-filled experience. 
  • They should not push, shove or hurt other kids.
  • To participate in group activities so they get to be engaged with children from the same age group. 
  • If they get any injuries, they should immediately mention this to their supervising adult. 
  • They should not force themselves to play if they are already tired. 
  • They can take breaks in between and nibble on snacks so they can replenish their energy. 
  • During any time that they want to visit the comfort room, they should have their parents or guardian with them. 
  • For younger kids, do remind them to not play in big slides that are too huge for their current size. 
  • Remind them to watch out for their surroundings because they might bump into others and get hurt in the process. 

What makes Kidergy great

Kidergy is a reputable establishment that is supported by our loyal local customers. We are a team of hardworking individuals that aims to provide your children with the best equipment that are checked regularly. 

Moreover, we have a wide and comfortable area that is a safe indoor space. We even have a cafe that you can visit with your children if you want to have an afternoon break. 

Kidergy: Contact Us

Kidergy centres on both providing a fun and safe environment for your children. You can learn more about us by checking out our website. Additionally, we also have other services that you can discover there. You can find the different menu items in our cafe too. 

Keep in touch with us for any concerns or queries. We are more than happy to assist you. For any queries or concerns, you can contact Kidergy. Here are our contact details: 

We also have a Facebook page that you can visit. As for our address, we are located at 389 Dissette St., Units 2, 3, 4, Bradford, Ontario.