Drop in & Play

$9.00 plus HST –  Drop in and play Pass

Sibling Rate of $5.00 plus HST

Children under 1 are free With paying sibling or $3.00 + hst

Special Offers

Tuesday to Thursday under 4  is $5.00

5 Kidergy Fun Passes $36.00 per child + HST

10 Kidergy Fun Passes $70.00 per child + HST

20 Kidergy Fun Passes $140.00 per child + HST

Yearly Membership

$199.00 plus HST – receive 10% off birthday party package if booked within same calendar year. Please note, this is non transferable.

Rates in Kidergy 

Kids just want to have fun. The best part of being a child is the chance to freely play and do anything they love to their heart’s content. Having a happy childhood is crucial for the development of children. 

This sets their foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour and overall health. Of course, you want your kid to have the best memories and experiences because these are fundamental in shaping the following: 

  • The personality that they will have growing up. 
  • Their ability to get along with others can also be affected because of their experiences with other people. 
  • The capacity to learn and the manifestation of their skills can be enhanced through the years. 
  • How they can respond to the daily stresses and challenges in the future. 

This is why Kidergy puts great importance on how children can have fun indoors with our playing area that was made for them. Gain additional knowledge about our rates and why children need to find pleasures in life through play. 

Benefits of playing for children 

One of the greatest methods to have your child learn and have fun at the same time is through indoor playing. These are the different kinds of benefits that they can have from it: 

  • Cognitive benefits
    • Playing can promote the development of their critical thinking skills. 
    • It can reinforce their memory and make them remember things quickly. 
    • If they are playing, they can better understand the cause and effect of their actions since their perspective gets broadened. 
    • They are inspired to learn, to think, to act and imagine. 
  • Physical benefits
    • They get to move their body at their own will.
    • Although they might fall on their feet, they can learn from it. 
    • They can develop their motor skills and improve their spatial relations. 
    • The experience can help support a child’s balance and dexterity. 
  • Social benefits 
    • They can learn how to interact with other children. 
    • They get to understand social expectations and rules. 
    • With playing, they can impart their ideas and thoughts to different people. 
    • It can teach them to listen and compromise. 
  • Emotional benefits 
    • It can help them process their emotions.
    • Their confidence can be boosted. 
    • They get to develop their own identity and build their self-esteem. 

Rate list 

We’ve run down all the rates that you can take note of when you visit Kidergy. Check them out below:

  • The drop-in and play rates: 
    • Drop-in and play pass: $10
    • Sibling rate: $7
    • Children under one-year-old are free if they have a sibling who plays, this costs $3.50. 
  • There are also special offers that we provide but this is not valid on holidays or special events. 
  • For children under four years old and who will visit from Tuesdays to Thursdays, the rate is $7. 
  • We also have an offer of five Kidergy fun passes which is $40 per child. 
  • There are ten Kidergy fun passes for $80 per child. 
  • Kidergy offers a yearly membership for $225. In return, you can receive a 10% discount on your birthday party package for the same year. This is non-transferable. 

Enjoy your day in Kidergy 

You can let your child enjoy a day in Kidergy for a great childhood memory. Know more about us by checking out our website. We have a lot of services and packages in store for you.